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Lost Season 4 Spoilers

Well here’s where it begins getting interesting. Viewers of Alias will remember the abrupt ending to season 2 that had Sydney waking up in Hong Kong with two years missing and the love of her life married to someone else. The game had already changed once that season and now it changed again.

Season 3 is Lost’s equivalent of that. For three years the show had been focused on the Losties trying to survive on the island, hope for rescue and deal with the Others. At least the first season did. The second season focused on the mystery of the Hatch and the third season focused heavily on Jack’s rescue. Season 4 will focus– at least initially– on a return to the island. Lost Season 4 Episode 1 will have as its recurring flashback the events that took place after the end of Season 3 and the ‘rescue’. There will be some that have chosen to stay and some that chose to return but the world they return to will not be quite the same as the one they left. It’s a world where they don’t fit anymore. A new journey will begin for those who chose to go, as they worked to be rescued, they will now work to return to the island.

Three characters died in the Season 3 finale. Charlie, Naomi and Locke. (Jeremy Bentham = John Locke.) This death however may not be final either.

For some of the rescued survivors, the memory of the island is fresh and their attachment to the island is an obsession. For some others it’s a fading memory they’re trying to forget.

Jack has always been the man of science. Now Jack is about to get some serious religion.

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