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Lost Orchid Station Orientation Video

Well here comes season 4 of Lost or at least the first trace of it with this Comic Con video set back in the Dharma Initiative Project days. Marvin Candle is calling himself by a new name now and a friend of mine notes that all the names are tied to Candles, Wax, Wicks and so on. (Burning the candle at both ends are we now, Marvin?)

We get to see the island’s strange behavior described as originating from the Casmir Effect which is itself described online as a sort of electromagnetic field that reshapes the area and can lead to alternate universes. I guess that explains the big electromagnetic thingamajingie in the Hatch, the button and all that. And I guess will answer the question of where Jack and Kate went when they left the Island.

The more intriguing question is still tied to the rabbit emergence between rabbit number 15 and number 16 which i suspect will answer the question of what the Others really are and what the Dharma folks were really after on the island.

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