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Lost Now Extended to 2010

So apparently TV viewers can now look forward to short 16 episode seasons for the next three years until May 2010.

Ladies and gentlemen– proof that ABC learns nothing from its mistakes. Its long hiatuses of Lost helped kill interest in the series in the first place. At this point audiences are increasingly growing tired of the mystery. Some rabbits had better be pulled out of hats by the season finale to even sure continued interest in Lost– lest the whole series slip into Alias territory and meet the same ignominious fate.

Diminished seasons are in and of themselves utterly senseless. The entire project of running a series without reruns and then running a second series in the same season– has seen only one succeed and that’s on FOX’s Prison Break and even there 24 undeniably suffered from the experience. ABC used the Lost hiatus to try and launch Daybreak with Taye Diggs— which seemed to be part of the trend of tech based Groundhog Day movies and tv shows– e.g. Next, Deja Vu– and failed miserably. A minimized Lost will only serve to further frustrate and drive away viewers.

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