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Lost, Gutsy or Gutless

It’s an open question of whether Lost’s final season, which dispenses with trying to appeal to any outside viewers in favor of aiming its programming squarely at existing viewers, with episodes that mix a ridiculous good vs evil showdown, with stories about the Lost characters redeeming themselves in new lives on the outside, is gutsy or gutless. Lost has been on the way out. Its split final season just made a virtue out of a necessity, with the executive producers claiming credit for demanding that the show have a fixed end point, when in reality its end point would have come with cancellation due to falling ratings anyway.

But while the show has become almost impossible for new viewers to get into, I don’t know that its die hard fans are very satisfied with a story that goes light on answering their questions and instead delivers a pretty simplistic battle between Smokey, now in Locke form, and Jacob, a mystical figure of light and all that.

A quick browse of YouTube will show you thousands of videos with complicated theories about time and space, but Lost has instead boiled down to a good and bad split, and the redemption of at least some of the characters. Which suggests that the physics have been wasted and that everyone should have been focused more on wondering whether or not Jack would make a good father or not.

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