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Lost Getting Lost?

At ABC, the two-hour “Lost” finale from 9 to 11 averaged a 5.8/15 in 18-49 and 13.7 million viewers overall, peaking with a 6.6 demo rating and 15.5 million viewers overall in its final half-hour. This was the show’s best performance since Feb. 7, when it premiered in the 10 o’clock hour, although its total-program average was down more than 20% vs. last year.

Hey I know what will restore viewer interest!

What is it Damon?

Let’s have a completely pedestrian episode and then move the show to L.A. in a surprise ending. That will work.

No it won’t. The Lost season finale promised some shocking things. The only shocking thing about it was the ending. Locke still being alive was as surprising as as well rain in September. The game changing finale isn’t going to restore viewer interest simply because it deranges the show’s premise viewers had become comfortable with and doesn’t give them anything as good to replace it with.

Simply put it’s the Poochy problem. Viewers get bored watching a TV show with an unchanging format but when you try to throw in a Poochie, you wind up losing the viewers entirely, irritated at this shake up. Alias found that out the hard way when after 2 seasons it did its own game changing finale marrying off Frenchie and stranding Sydney 2 years out of time.

It just doesn’t work.

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