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Lost 4×13 – 4×14 There’s No Place Like Home parts 2-3 episode review

In part due to the shortened season brought about by the WGA strike and in greater part because of the chosen focus of the writers, the entire 4th season felt more like an extended two parter season finale left over from season 3 than anything else. That makes Lost 4×13 – 4×14 There’s No Place Like Home somewhat of an extended two parter of an extended two parter. And that means it’s stretched very thin indeed. By the time the extended 3 part There’s No Place Like Home season finale gets around to closing the circle with the season 3 finale, you can’t help but feel like you just sat through a 14 hour season finale over an entire year that barely advances the plot beyond where it was at the end of season 3, as after sitting through the last two hours, we finally get to discover the one interesting thing, who’s in Jeremy Bentham’s coffin.

Lost Season 4 didn’t really run out of steam until halfway through but once the steam was gone, it was really gone, because few stories feel as thin and empty as the ones you know the ending to already. And aside from the details, once we knew who got off the island, the only question that remained was How and except to Victorian detectives, How isn’t nearly as interesting as What. At least not when it comes to storytelling. And so There’s No Place Like Home offers few surprises, except the pleasant surprise of Desmond’s reunion with Penny and the not too surprising surprise of the body in Bentham’s coffin. In between we get mounds of exposition and the characters in crisis mode, something that can’t hold very much suspense.

After all why fret over whether Jin makes it to the chopper or not as he runs in slow motion through the Kahana’s corridors. After all we know he doesn’t. Why worry over whether the six will get rescued and whether they’ll survive. We know they do and will. Without the story, all we’ve got left is fussing over the bits and pieces of clues, marveling when Ben opens the exotic matter hatch and the island vanishes, even if we saw it coming for at least two to three weeks now.

Surprisingly by now the classic Losties have all but worn out their welcome. It’s the moments involving the newer characters, Miles eating peanuts, Lapidus chucking the driftwood overboard, Desmond and Penny hugging, that hold your attention more than the usual antics from Jack, Sawyer and Kate. Too much of it has been done and it feels like we’ve been watching this episode for a year now. It’s a relief for it to be over for a year and let’s hope that we can be done with flashforwards and get back to anticipating the future instead of living it.

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