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Lost 4×11 Cabin Fever review

Lost s4e11 Cabin Fever is the last regular episode before the 3 part Lost season finale and it does its job of setting up the pins in a row, the problem is that they are not terribly interesting pins. Despite the title and the misleading promos which might have suggested that Locke will finally meet Jacob and spend some time in the cabin, Locke, Ben and Hurley spend most of the episode semi-aimlessly wandering about on another island equivalent of a scavenger hunt. Walk around following Hurley for a bit. Then have a dream about a dead Dharma guy. Go to the bodies of the Dharma people. Root around in the pit until you find a picture and map of a cabin. Go to cabin. Oh look Cabin Fever is almost over.

Lost 4×11 Cabin Fever does toss out plenty of bones but like most Lost revelations, all they really do is just raise more questions. Instead of meeting Jacob in the cabin, we instead encounter Christian Shepherd and a spacey Claire who’s either gone all Other or is drugged. And Shepherd gives Locke the order to move the island. All I can say is that there better be some amazing electromagnets under the island or the island had better be on the back of a giant turtle, Golden Axe style (how’s that for a reference?).

Meanwhile Kearney has become the usual Apocalypse Now style psycho who tops the stupidity of average psychos by killing the Kahana’s doctor just to make a point. Because killing the one guy on the ship who can heal you before going into combat is the sane thing to do. Then he winds up killing the Captain too. Because it’s not like you need him either.

We also do a series of flashbacks with Locke growing up that reveals (drumroll) that Locke is the chosen one. How original. Because Chosen Ones are such a unique concept on SciFi shows that we haven’t seen on Babylon 5, X-Files, Andromeda, Deep Space Nine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica and well everywhere. It’s the biggest cliche in the book and so of course it had to show up sooner or later.

And of course Abbadon and Richard Apter round out the mysterious personalities lurking around the edge of things now. Which when combined with Christian Shepherd and all the Others means there’s probably more mysterious people on and around the island than there are normal people on it.

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