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Lost 4×10 Something Nice Back Home review

With only one more episode to go before the season finale of a fairly abrupt season, Lost s4e10 Something Nice Back Home flashes forward nearly closing the circle as we see Jack go from happily together with Kate in the future after their rescue and raising Aaron to being a crazy paranoid drunk who gets drunk and self-medicates and tears his life apart. It’s a little abrupt, even for such an already abrupt season and it shows in the strain the episode takes.

Meanwhile in Lost 4×10 Something Nice Back Home, back on the island, the drama is all about Jack getting ready for surgery for his case of appendicitis. In season 1 back when things were edge of the knife and sweded together, this late in the game, something as minor as appendicitis while the Losties seem to once again have access to surgical quality medical equipment, one spare doctor and a dentist too is not exactly the height of drama. Jack being the control freak that he is insists on watching his own surgery until he has to be sedated. At which point we get the appropriate soap opera as Juliet tells Kate he really loves her, another abrupt and silly scene.

Slightly more interesting are the goings on in the jungle as Jin and Sun set off with the two freighter scientists to recover medical supplies giving Jin the chance to throw his weight around in a fairly cool scene. Meanwhile Sawyer, Claire and Miles continue their long trek through the jungle with a stopover to find the buried corpses of Rousseau and Karl as Miles begins seeing dead people. Hard to argue the scene on that one, until one of the dead people arrives in the form of Jack and Claire’s father Christian Shepherd and appears to lead Claire away while leaving Aaron behind, helping to explain how Aaron makes it off the island while Claire does not.

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