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Lost 4×09 The Shape of Things to Come review

With a heavy pretentious title and a somewhat unfocused Ben centered episode that has a flashforward which may also be a flashback or not, Lost s4e09 The Shape of Things explains very little and chugs along at a turgid pace. The showdown is here with the Freighters ruthlessly gunning down the few people still left with Locke, a scenario that was easy enough to already envision when Hurley apologized to Jack for going along with Locke. Locke’s focus in The Shape of Things is very much on defending Ben to the extent of abandoning Sawyer and Claire outside. By the end Locke and Ben and Hurley have gone off alone, all that really remains of the group, as Sawyer, Claire and Miles head back to the beach.

While bullets and even an RPG fly around, aside from Ben and Rosseau’s daughter, whom we never got to know anyway, the bloodshed mainly takes down the redshirts, whom we never knew in the first place. It does however mean that 4 more survivors or so are now dead. Meanwhile back in the camp Jack falls sick to what may be appendicitis, but the choice that Lost made at the end of Season 3 and now in Season 4 to show us Jack in flashforward means that there really can’t be any suspense about the welfare or survival of those six whom we know make it out of there, which again means there’s really no drama to milk from Jack’s illness, unless Lost is trying to set up some sort of scenario in which Jack dies in the past but somehow goes on living in the future.

The first collaboration between Drew Goddard and Brian K. Vaughn, Lost 4×09 The Shape of Things to Come isn’t bad, it’s just tedious. Michael Emerson, always great as Ben, does a decent job of trying to plug the holes in the writing with his performance, but there’s only so much he can do, particularly when the episode has him jumping back and forth and all around the board with no explanation.

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