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Lost 4×08 Meet Kevin Johnson review

Anyone who had heard the hints and leaks even without checking the spoilers and even anyone who didn’t had a pretty good idea who Ben’s spy on the boat was. So it was no real surprise when last week’s episode revealed that it was Michael. But with Lost going on break until April 24th as the chattering idiots of the more highly rated and demographic friendly Grey’s Anatomy take its timeslot, Lost s4308 Meet Kevin Johnson does its best to turn out a shocking cliffhanger episode that will solve Lost’s long problem of losing viewers with every break.

It’s not too certain that Lost 4×08 Meet Kevin Johnson delivers the kind of cliffhanger that will bring viewers back in droves, something that Lost desperately needs to survive. But it does manage the cliffhanger by killing the characters you expect but also the characters you have the least emotional investment in. The introduction of the temple opens up a new area and that is something Lost has been doing a lot lately, first the Tempest and the Temple.

The Temple is potentially intriguing because it may tie in with an older civilization via the four toe statue and the idea that the Others were on the island all along. Which might turn Lost into Forbidden Planet. But that’s just another theory in a welter of theories that fill Lost, many of them based on the Lost producers heavily borrowing from other movies and TV shows.

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