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Lost 4×04 Eggtown review

With Lost S4E04 Eggtown, Lost gets back to its overwrought roots and what seems like a major development gets thrown for a loop at the very last minute as Kate’s son, the seeming subject of her emotional tug of war between Sawyer and Jack, actually turns out to be Claire’s son Aron, making you wonder if Ben wasn’t right all along when he warned that if the Freighter people came, everyone on the island would die and that Jack wasn’t telling at least part of the truth when he said that everyone on the island but nine people had died in the crash, which also now makes you wonder who the other 3 were, who supposedly died at a later date or were not rescued.

Eggtown isn’t a bad episode, it simply suffers from Lost’s frustrating inability to give actual answers, turning the show into the near equivalent of Ben, playing endless mind games and stringing you along without actually providing any red meat. Comparing Eggtown to Dungeons and Dragons on TSCC, you note the difference between a show that actually delivers something in an episode and one that spends a lot of time teasing you without actually giving you anything.

And so we have more teases. Miles tells Ben that he’s apparently a powerful and well known figure. Locke meanwhile continues functioning as a prophet without a diety, a religious fanatic without a god, going increasingly off his nut on his endless spiritual quest, which now involves being a dictator and shooting people. Considering Hurley’s apology to Jack, it seems like as in Live Together Die Alone, Locke’s increasing frustration and need for answers may drive him to despair and to turning on the island again and doing something disastrous. Again.

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