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Lost 4×03 The Economist review

One of the more unintentionally amusing things about Lost is how the series works to make its characters seem like such badasses in the flashbacks and now forward flashes, Kate singlehandedly masterminds a bank heist that brings down everyone, Sayid is a stone cold killer, Sawyer can con anyone, Jin was some sort of high end hitman, only to have them get repeatedly captured just like any bunch of clueless newbies would. Lost S4e03 The Economist stays true to that model with Sayid and Kate and Miles heading off to the Barracks to recover Charlotte from Locke, who has gone all Colonel Kurtz. Now last time Kate and Sayid went off to the Barracks, they broke into a house, split up and got captured. Guess what happens this time? Yup, exactly the same thing.

Now this might be pushing it even if Sayid wasn’t supposed to be death on wheels, the professional ex-military guy while Kate gets to be the helpless girl again reunited with her white trash boyfriend. But The Economist focuses on Sayid assassinating apparently high ranking Dharma corporation members up to the presumed Economist, Thomas Mittlewerk himself. This has Sayid seducing the personal shopper of the man himself and waiting until she got beeped at which point a soap opera plays out, that has her shooting him and despite being a supposed professional, not realizing that he might have a gun stashed somewhere too. By the end Sayid turns out to be working for Ben who’s also off the island and has resumed his experiments with animals, making Sayid the biggest patsy to date.

Meanwhile on the island Hurley is busy demonstrating that he’s reached a new level of being fat and useless by now playing the femme fatale part of faking being imprisoned and rescued in order to betray his rescuers. Kate is busy being emotionally unstable while Daniel seems to have proven that the island has its own time and may actually have a different physical location than its geography would suggest, perhaps just about right for Los Angeles.

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