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Lost 4×02 Confirmed Dead

With Lost 4×02 Confirmed Dead, Lost’s 4th season jags in another direction, dropping at least for one episode the forward future flashback in order to give us a backstory on the four Freighter characters, a team of whom has been sent to the island in order to seize Ben as a covert ops theme. One can sense ghosts, one is a psychic, one some sort of rogue anthropologist and one is a drunken former Oceanic pilot. Lost S4e02 Confirmed Dead almost feels like a spinoff series because of its focus on them, but in the process we see the Losties pulling it together and Jack’s crew taking charge and grabbing a helicopter while Ben pushes Locke and Sawyer to the brink.

Lost Confirmed Dead is mostly content with very little flab and no self-indulgence and as such it’s practically junk food by Lost standards (yes, I know that’s a mixed food metaphor, call it a calorie paradox) and gives us some outright answers and some tantalizing hints, including our favorite polar bear found with a Dharma tag in an archaeological dig in Africa. If you want a more explicit statement that the island is located outside the flow of normal time and space, it would be hard to find.

None of the new four are particularly compelling, not even by the standards of the tail section losties, but considering how the tail section folks wound up, I don’t expect we’ll be around them for long. Jack and Co. now have a helicopter that can take them to the freighter or elsewhere while Locke is operating on orders from Walt, who has seemed rather creepy lately, and is headed to Jacob, while Ben undermines the mission to keep himself out of the hands of the Freighters.

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