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Lost 4×01 The Beginning of the End

For all the praise showered down on The Beginning of the End, you might have almost imagined that it did represent some sort of fundamental break with the series as it was or at least 39 minutes of brilliant television, as it turns out though Lost 4×01 is none of the above, instead it is a fair representative of the series as it has been until now with all its annoyances and frustrating qualities left perfectly intact.

If there is one single change to be found in Lost’s fourth season premiere, it’s that the island scenes are no longer the present day and the real world scenes are no longer flashbacks, the roles have changed and the island scenes have become the flashbacks. Yet this sounds more revolutionary than it actually is. In the past it was the flashbacks to the real world that explained the behavior of the Lost castaways on the Island, now it’s the flashbacks to the Island that explains the behavior of the Lost castaways in the present, yet both are basically intertwined with the same mysteries.

The Beginning of the End, like virtually all Lost episodes, is burdened by the usual petty arguments and miscommunications that form what passes for drama on Lost. No answers are given and nothing resolved and the hour passes like a string of dangling saliva falling through the motion of its own weight to the bottom with nothing gained in the process. Once again there are two camps, but it would appear that the six who survived, did so irrespective of camp affiliation, and once again Jack and Locke represent the two opposing factions. It’s old hat by now and the JJ Abrams who knew how to reboot his TV shows with Lost is absent here, as Lost in its fourth season grinds down the same slow road to oblivion.

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