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Lori Drew and Abuse of Control

While the cyber lynching of Lori Drew continues and new laws are getting passed to combat cyberbullying, there’s a pretty simple reality behind the whole thing. If Lori Drew had been a man and created a fake Myspace account and flirted with Megan Meier, even if Megan had never killed herself, the odds are great that Lori Drew would have gone to jail or at least become a registered sex offender. Lori Drew has remained out of reach of the law only because of her gender which gives her the presumption of innocence regarding any sexual motives, but the reality is that child abuse and pedophilia is not really about sex, it’s about power and control. Lori Drew was certainly using power and control over a child with a sexual edge added to it by the flirting. Had Lori Drew been a man, any of those would have been enough to nail her. But abuse isn’t only sexual as the Megan Meier case reminds us,.

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