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Living in an IP World

These days everything seems to be copyrighted, companies are being brought down by patent trolls or big companies hoarding patents, senators are calling for jail terms for copyright violators, there are entire organizations dedicated to hunting down copyright violators, everything is simultaneously being copyrighted and patented from the sublime to the absurd, like using a laser pointed to amuse cats and yet copyright and ip has never been so disregarded as it is now and the two are of course connected, when you try to build an ip world, more and more people opt out of it. Now the loser countries of the third world seem determined to get on board with Egypt trying to copyright the pyramids apparently, let’s face it what else are they going to copyright, there isn’t exactly a huge market in pirated Egyptian movies or music or a lot of companies violating Egyptian patents. Egypt has pyramids and by glump, they’re gonna keep you from copying those pyramids.

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