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Let’s Make Star Trek About Real World Problems!

Bob Orci is talking about Star Trek 2 and suggesting that the next movie will deal with real world problems. Kirk’s acne? Spock having trouble getting a date to the prom? Scotty trying ecstasy for the first time? Perish the thought, this isn’t the WB. There is no WB. This is smart adult entertainment aimed at 13 year olds with toys sold at Burger King, and written by middle aged Hollywood types. So naturally it’s going to be something about the big WOT, or War on Terror. And the jokes are already flying fast about Kirk and Spock escaping from Botany Bay or torturing Klingons. But let’s tackle the whole analogy business for a moment. Yes Star Trek had more than its fair share of real world analogies, and many of them (half-black and half-white man fight to show destructiveness of racism) weren’t very good. But a major reason Star Trek had those analogies in the first place is because network executives made it difficult to talk directly about certain topics. That was the reason Rod Serling gave and it held true then. It doesn’t hold much water now. J.J. Abrams and Robert Orci are successful enough to write their own ticket. If they want to do The Valley of Elah II: Hell on Ellah, no one’s stopping them. But they’ve committed to doing a dumbed down Star Trek, and injecting the same “ideas” that Hollywood has been chewing over for eight years will just make it more dumbed down, not less.

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