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Let the Rather vs Couric Slapfest Begin!

By now Dan Rather knows just how Walter Cronkite felt when Rather pushed the legendary anchor out and crawled into his chair. Of course Katie Couric didn’t push Rather out. She was just the dim blonde the network brought in to replace him as part of their strategy to appeal to women over 45 and retarded people. Dan Rather’s own criminal incompetence or outright fraud did him in and ensured that the only person who wanted to hire him was Mark Cuban. A fate worse than death.

But Dan Rather is still pissy. Now of course his ‘tarted up’ line was just his charming way of being pissed about being replaced by a woman. Couric may have seen the newscast get tarted up but it had little credibility long before then. Rather’s tenure was poor at best and the public preferred Jennings and Brokaw to him. The Connie Chung experiment failed. Rather was simply the only choice the network was stuck with and his meltdown over the Bush draft documents was in some ways a welcome opportunity to jettison deadwood. Now the deadwood has gone to HDTV. HBO canceled Deadwood and Dan Rather can write his memoirs.

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