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Let the Internet Be Your Hard Drive

Any number of companies are busy pushing the new paradigm, forget software and just run your applications and games over the internet and pay us the metered fee or a monthly rental. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why so many companies would be enthusiastic about embracing the razor blade business model of software distribution. Just take a look at how profitable World of Warcraft has been for Blizzard, never mind Blizzard complaining about how much they have to spend on technical support. Google and Activision in their own ways are trying to push this model now that focuses on using the PC as a platform to get to the internet and then run their products. But everything from EA’s own recent DRM meltdowns to the Sarah Palin email hack is likely to dampen the already moldy public enthusiasm for that sort of thing. Despite Google’s dreams of using Chrome to become the new Microsoft, not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone trusts web based applications which store data over the internet or programs that are interlocked with the online plans of companies that treat themselves as providers rather than sellers.

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