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Leno at 10 PM

Contrary to the critics, it’s probably the first smart thing that NBC has done in the whole late night, or now no longer so late night, mess. Yes Leno won’t be able to beat ER’s numbers at 10, but NBC has shown that under Ben Silverman, it’s can’t actually put on any shows that people will watch. And people will watch Leno. Everything that came before it, including putting Conan in Leno’s spot, a move he’s about as prepared for as Andy Richter is to be President, or putting Jimmy Fallon on television period, was a huge mistake. I like Conan, but he can’t hold on to Leno’s audience. Jimmy Fallon is completely unready to do a talk show period. Leno at 10 locks down Jay from fleeing to ABC or even CBS, which like all of America, might be a little sick of Letterman’s slow grinding fake laugh by now and lack of anything resembling comedy, and even looks visionary, if destroying what was left of TV dramas, can be considered visionary. And while Leno might not be funny, anything that kills Law and Order is a blessing in disguise, without the disguise.

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