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Legend of the Seeker 1×17 Deception review

Yup this is one of those episodes that’s supposed to make you question what’s right and what’s wrong and all that sort of funky moral equivalence business. Richard and Kahlan witness an entire settlement wiped out by a dark magic grenade called a Whisperer, hook up with another resistance group, form a plot for Richard to impersonate a confessed guard and steal a Whisperer. Except he gets fairly close to the Commander, plays with his kid and meets his family. And the Resistance meanwhile is all bent on wiping out Grayson, a supposedly loyalist town, and the resistance leader kills Kahlan’s confessed soldier, Richard and Kahlan take on the Resistance instead. After watching Legend of the Seeker 1×17 Deception, I’m sure Richard Goodkind is kicking in a TV somewhere, though assuming he was paid well for the rights to his books, it’s a TV made of solid gold. Some of Deception could have been palatable, but Richard refusing to kill the same commander who wiped out a settlement full of children with a Whisperer in the first place, isn’t. It just passes him off as an easily emotionally manipulated dope, which no matter how annoying the novel Richard was, he never went that route. The novels to the TV show have made the full journey from Ayn Rand to Bleeding Heart Moon.

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