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Legend of the Seeker 1×08 Denna

With 1×08 Denna, Legend of the Seeker touches on the section that consumed so much of the original Goodkind novel and probably, wait not probably but certainly the most dubious part of it. Considering the source material, Legend of the Seeker has its work cut out for it, but surprisingly does a good job with it. The series is clearly shedding its goofiness and getting serious, and so far it works. It’s not just the overarching evil, Denna manages to condense a fairly elaborate overwritten and creepy fetishist section of the novel, into something that can not only be aired on television, but works dramatically without creeping you out. Of course Richard is still a somewhat weak character and the Sword of Truth doesn’t turn white, which seems to defeat the purpose of the whole narrative, but working with what we’ve got, the episode still more than holds its own. Purists will complain that the kiss of life was meant to be CPR, not a magical trick for reviving the dead, and that a torture session of months was condensed into a few days, but who takes the original novel all that seriously anyway. Not Goodkind himself who retconned the whole thing once he realized he had a fantasy series on his hands, instead of a one shot book. The key is that the acting is pretty solid, Kahlan gets to do something important, instead of just being eye candy or a sidekick, and the characters deal with the consequences of their actions.

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