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Legend of the Seeker 1×07 Identity

A potentially half-decent episode that has the gang of three headed to Calabra where the ruins conceal one of the Boxes of Orden, Legend of the Seeker 1×07 Identity is interrupted by the usual wacky shenanigans when Shota stops by to cast a spell that switches appearances between Richard and a doofus living in town who dreams of a life of adventure, instead of domestic bliss.

Shota experiences a vision of Richard dying at the hands of Nass, a heavy who works for Darken Rahl, and is paid in huge barrels of dark eye makeup. What does evil and dark eye makeup have in common, who knows. But there’s a clear overlap. So Shota comes up with an ideal solution, which is to use magic to force them to switch identities. This leaves Richard dealing with a forced arranged marriage, while the doofus tries to hit on Kahlan. Of course it all goes badly, and I don’t just mean the awkward flirting.

Richard doesn’t die, neither does doofus, love triumphs over all, and Nass and by extension Darken Rahl get the boxes of Orden. But in the show’s usual tradition of setting up some nugget about Richard’s identity, as Shota reveals that Kahlan will betray him, to which Bridget Regan reacts with the kind of shock and horror reserved for New York based SAG members. So lots of namedropping, with both Shota and the boxes making a appearance in one episode. And another episode of Legend of the Seeker ends.

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