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Legend of the Seeker 1×06 Elixir

Former Star Trek Voyager alum Mike Sussman has basically been following his old bosses from job to job, first working for Brannon Braga on Threshold and now for Ken Biller on Legend of the Seeker. Legend of the Seeker 1×06 Elixir is basically yet another, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd find a town in trouble and try to help some people episode, which is really the standard Legend of the Seeker episode down to its DNA, from the comic opening to the secret revelation at the end.

This time out there’s a rogue Wizard, a former student of Zedd’s who set himself up as a magic drug dealer to supposedly finance a revolution against Darken Rahl. That part out is done decently enough, but it only comes after and before having to sit through some confused lectures from Kahlan on why magic is a bad thing to rely on. Clearly Legend of the Seeker’s show bible varies a lot from the original novels, in which the whole premise was that magic was good, and winds up banishing everyone who disagrees to our dimension.

There are the usual other ingredients, Brigid Regan getting used as eye candy and Kahlan helping a boy who wanted to use magic to get a girl. I’m not sure any story like that can really survive as anything but unpleasant in the wake of Buffy’s Dead Things episode, but Legend of the Seeker plays off the idea of a shy young man looking for a love potion rape drug as cute. But if you’re using your brain, you wouldn’t be watching this show in the first place. So what does that say about me? Probably nothing good.

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