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Legend of the Seeker 1×05 Listener episode review

With Legend of the Seeker 1×05 Listener, you can almost see an identity forming for the series, which by now obviously involves Richard, Kahlan and Zedd wandering around, bumping into some evil and nefarious deed being perpetrated by Darken Rahl’s minions and after a lot of confusion and difficulties, mainly created by their own poor attempts at solving the problem, finally emerge triumphant.

The Richard Goodkind novels were no great prize, but it’s a sad commentary on Hollywood’s lack of creativity, that the producers felt the need to buy the rights to the novels, only to transform them into the same generic fantasy TV series, they could have just as easily come up with by watching Beastmaster reruns. Still with episodes like Listener and last week’s Brennidon, Legend of the Seeker shows that it’s not Hercules, and while it will never be a great TV show, it can be a passably decent and entertaining one, especially as there’s nothing in the same genre currently on TV.

Legend of the Seeker 1×05 Listener features the usual annoying little kid with super powers who just needs to be loved, but will first spend a lot of time testing everyone’s patience. To the credit of everyone involved, the kid comes off fairly well and so does the plot. While Richard and Kahlan deal with the Listener, Zedd disguises himself to accompany the Dragon Corps, Rahl’s elite guard, while wrestling with his own moral dilemma over the fate of a renegade guard who worships the Seeker. Thanks to a decent child actor and an all around entertaining cast, it all plays out pretty well and the kid is transported to the Sisters of Light, who in this version are not fanatics who imprison gifted men in the Palace of the Prophets, but are some sort of hippy nuns living in a secret valley. So basically Sam Raimi might want to start paying royalties to John Marco instead.

Of course there’s plenty of implausibilities, not the least of which is the idea that Kahlan is in love with Richard, who in this reality looks to be half her age with half of her brains, or well anyone’s brains, and whose only contribution to the quest is a magic sword that was given to him. But that’s the choice the show made, and hopefully at some point they’ll make the choice to have Richard actually grow up.

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