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Legend of the Seeker 1×04 Brennidon episode review

Legend of the Seeker 1×04 Brennidon is very much a kids episode, not in the sense that it is for kids, at least any more than the rest of Legend of the Seeker is, but in that it deals with parents and children. First Richard stumbles into Brennidon, the town where he was born, while Zedd copes with a paternity claim from a woman he knew a long time ago. Kahlan meanwhile serving as the Confessor listens to personal disputes in another small community nearby.

Brennidon is the first episode that does a decent job of testing Richard’s ideals and skills in a real fight against tyranny, even if it reverts to the kind of Zorro setup that plays out as a little too goofy. Some scenes are well done, beginning with Richard’s arrival at a cemetery featuring the tombstones of the children killed by Darken Rahl in order to slay the Seeker. Even the discover of his “mother” is handled well enough, but his “brother” is a painfully predictable character we’ve seen before in endless novels and movies and TV shows, whose every switch back and forth is loudly telegraphed.

By the time Richard hatches a plan to stop the D’Harans and get the people of Brennidon to rise up, silly season is well underway. But the real silliness comes in the entire Zedd’s paternity storyline, and by the time a serious overdramatic payoff comes in the final scene, it’s much too late. It’s clear that the producers of Legend of the Seeker have a comedy quota to fill every episode, so that the series plays out a little more like Hercules, and Zedd winds up filling that quota more often than not. Which is a shame since he is the one character on the show you can still take seriously.

The Brennidon solution begins well but ends in cliche, and it would be interesting for Richard to come back a few episodes later, and see that his well meaning attempts to free Brennidon, only resulted in the massacre of everyone who lived there.

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