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Law and Order Refuses to Die

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – After months of intense negotiations, NBC has agreed to renew its low-rated veteran crime drama “Law & Order” for an 18th season.

Meanwhile, spinoff series “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” will return for a seventh season, but with premiere runs on cable channel USA Network, followed by an encore play on NBC. USA already airs “Criminal Intent” reruns.

And the seas boiled with blood and the sky rained cats and dogs and Law and Order refused to die even though its longest running cast member had finally died and no one was watching and the only reason the series was on the air is that Dick Wolf has the persistence of rabid doberman when it comes to doing whatever it takes and making any agreement he has to with a network just to keep his series on the air.

And why in the world has NBC signed on to air Criminal Intent’s reruns– sorry encore plays– exactly? Granted there’s only 5 people in the US who actually watch anything on the USA Network on a regular basis– but isn’t it a little bit demeaning for America’s former Number 1 network to be reairing USA’s leavings– I mean if it was HBO, it would at least be prestigious. But reairing USA’s shows is a little like wearing Don Ho’s used underwear.

With its last-minute renewal before NBC’s “upfront” presentation to advertisers Monday, the mothership “L&O” series moves closer to achieving franchise creator Dick Wolf’s “ultimate dream” of breaking the 20-season record of television’s longest running drama series, “Gunsmoke.”

And his ultimate dream of cashing in on the deal too. Not that I imagine anyone in their right mind will be buying Law and Order Season 19 DVD’s. Especially since a Law and Order episode has a sell by date of about 5 minutes.

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