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Knight Rider Movie and TV Series Coming

If you’re like me then Knight Rider was probably one of the high points of your childhood. Oh wait, if it was then you’re nothing like me because Knight Rider was a mildly amusing TV series to me even as a kid, somewhere below the A-Team and Magnum P.I. and above… well I can’t think of what if anything it was above of, which is sad in and of itself. Basically a silly premise, a silly concept, a silly star and a series whose only appeal came from the talking car and that appeal lasted all of 5 minutes or so.

But Knight Rider lives. While better shows remain dead, NBC is launching a Knight Rider TV project side by side with a planned Glenn LarsonWeinstein CompanyKiss of Death movie revival of the whole damned thing. Why, who knows? After all Alvin and the Chipmunks are getting a movie and Bionic Woman is back on TV. Considering who’s in charge of NBC now I assume the Kitt 5000 will have giant fins, be painted ultraviolet green and be voiced by The Rock. Yes, I was a TV executive in a former life, thank you for asking.

Is there a great deal of demand for a movie about a talking car who helps solve crime? Apparently it doesn’t matter because Knight Rider is coming back to TV and movie screens nowhere in a big and pointless way.

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