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Kindle 2: A Sequel to a Device No One Wanted in the First Place

Like it or not the Kindle 2 is on the way. The Kindle mark 1 was right up there with IT as a loudly hyped device that no one really wanted. Amazon has maintained the perception of success for the Kindle by only selling it through its own private Kindle store, insuring that no one has a clue how many Kindles have been sold. The authors and website owners hyping the Kindle in the hopes of making money from it may well be the only ones using the Kindle. I’ve personally never seen the Kindle in the wild, and I doubt I ever will. As a device it’s overpriced, ugly and pointless. The Kindle 2 will be slightly less uglier, still overpriced and still pointless. The attempts to hype Whyspersync are even siller because if you can begin reading a book on some other device, why would you even bother with a Kindle. Plopped on top of an economic recession in which people have less time and money to waste on useless gadgets that showcase their social worth, the Kindle 2 is likely to be an even bigger dead end than the Kindle Mark 1. Of course that won’t stop the tech press from hyping the Kindle anyway. With Steve Jobs sick and Apple news a no show, they’ve got to hype something, and it might as well be the Kindle 2. Even if no one wants it anyway.

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