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Killing Pandora, Killing the Music

The music industry has a way of never missing any opportunity to cut its own throat. Killing internet radio, particularly Pandora, for the sake of short term profits, which won’t be present anyway once internet radio is dead, is one of the stupidest things the music industry has done since a business model that involves suing 12 year old girls to recoup imaginary losses from P2P piracy.

What the music industry needs badly is a working business model that doesn’t force them to be in Steve Jobs’ store hawking every song for 99 cents or hoping that Amazon or Wal-Mart will succeed at their failed attempts at selling music. Internet radio is almost perfect because it provides music sales and music listening in one. Hear a song, like it, buy the song. It’s not the Buy a CD Full of Songs you Don’t Want to get the Song You want, that the music industry used to rely on, but it’s still solid, and Pandora even introduces users to new songs. It’s a great sales model and the music industry has done its best to kill it.

I feel sorry for the death of internet radio, but almost as sorry for the music industry, which has consistently practiced narrow minded thinking that put short term profits ahead of long term goals. Today the music industry is now part and parcel of Apple’s sales model and they can’t do a thing about it, except kill some of their potential ways around Apple’s iTunes, such as Pandora. Because of course the smartest thing to do when you’re a big corporation in a hole, is to dig the pit even further.

Even as the RIAA’s lawsuits are beginning to run into some roadblocks, the music industry continues the same practices that got it under Apple’s control in the first place. Had Universal gotten on board with Napster, the music industry might not be whipped by Steve Jobs. Now making internet radio go the way of P2P will only waste more time and destroy an outlet that might have helped save them. Stupid.

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