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Killing Nikki and Paulo

Even after Sunday’s controversial conclusion to “The Sopranos,” two “Lost” executive producers said Wednesday that they weren’t planning a murky ending to their hit ABC drama. “We will not be ending with a blackout,” executive producer Carlton Cuse told an audience.

That’s not exactly much of a surprise. I mean why would anyone want to duplicate the acclaimed Sopranos conclusion anyway. But it’s not exactly much of a recommendation either. It’s like saying we aren’t going to fish out toilet water and serve it to you in a punch bowl because we know it is a bad idea. We can safely assume no one will try to repeat the Sopranos disaster but that doesn’t mean the Lost series finale won’t be an even greater disaster.

They said they realized almost immediately that adding Nikki and Paulo was a mistake, even before the viewer outcry. Many of the scenes they shot would get cut on the editing room floor, not because of the actors but because they were concerned about how they fit into the story. Lindelof said that it was a lesson for the writers to stay true to the show’s vision even if the viewers don’t seem to like it.

“We buried them alive,” Cuse said of Nikki and Paulo. “OK, you guys don’t like Nikki and Paulo, there.”

So the Nikki and Paulo episode was exactly the spiteful gesture it seemed to be. In fact the actors had plenty to do with it. They were mediocre at best and made no impression. And they simply didn’t fit. If you are going to introduce new characters, at least make them interesting, or mildly interesting for crying out loud.

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