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Kill the Golden Globes Already

It isn’t too surprising that the Golden Globes pulled in its lowest viewership ever. After all TV ratings in general are also down, and award shows are not exactly immune to the trend. But combine the tackiest Golden Globes ever with the lowest rated Golden Globes ever, and the question has to be asked again, why in the world are we being subjected to this year after year. Award shows of course come with their own microeconomics, the dressmakers, the paparazzi and gossip columnists get extra work and pay, but increasingly no one cares anymore. Pointless spectacles are the soul of Hollywood, but the proliferation of award shows combined with the particular irrelevance of the Golden Globes and its complete lack of impact on either other award shows or film criticism or the culture in general, makes you wonder why even bother. If this Golden Globes thought to make people care by hitting a whole new low, Mickey Rourke and Tina Fey in particular deserve some kind of recognition for that, it didn’t deliver in ratings either. Meanwhile Mickey Rourke has used it as a platform to remind everyone of why his comeback was a huge mistake, and Tina Fey has used it to remind everyone of that one simple word she just can’t shake, “Overrated.” Much like the Golden Globes themselves, minus the rated part.

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