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Kick Ass Trailer Debuts, Fails to Kick Ass

The trailer for the movie adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick Ass is here, and it’s being marketed as Napoleon Dynamite with superpowers, and probably couldn’t look any worse if Jared Hess had been responsible for this. Sure we get Joan Jett singing once again that she doesn’t care about her bad reputation. Then there’s the bad costumes and the revelation that this thing is likely to make Superhero Movie seem like a positive experience to sit through by way of comparison. Sure there are Mark Millar fans getting excited about this, but then again they are Mark Millar fans. And the timing is good what with the release of The Boondock Saints 2, because Mark Millar is Troy Duffy with a Scottish accent and Kick Ass is the sort of movie that Troy Duffy would probably make if he made comic book movies.

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