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Kathie Lee Gifford coming to Today

It was hard to imagine a more abrasive and annoying TV personality than Kathie Lee Gifford except maybe for Regis Philbin making them a matched set. But there’s one thing that can’t be denied which is that the pairing also worked really well at pulling in a specific viewer demographic. Meanwhile the NBC Today Show’s very success invited the poaching of its top staff, often by CBS which could never quite compete but never gave up trying. Bringing Kathie Lee Gifford on board makes sense because the very people who hate her are also mostly the people who hate the idea of watching a morning show in the first place, particularly NBC’s Today Show which was always on the fluffier side. Lacking name recognition but still hanging on to the ratings, the Today show hasn’t sunk yet, but that name recognition is a pesky problem that snatching one obnoxious chatterer off Barbara Walters’ nearly as repugnant, the View can’t plug, Kathie Lee Gifford however brings name recognition and her own flavor of obnoxiousness to the proceedings. And even if it doesn’t work out, CBS News can always hire her away for 30 million dollars with a 5 year contract to host CBS Evening News.

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