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Justice League The New Frontier review

Warner Premier unleashes Justice League The New Frontier and while initially it holds on to some of the style and magic of Cooke’s Silver Age transition comics, it quickly follows the same route that Warner’s TV Batman cartoons did, going from style to styleless as they aimed away from comic book lovers and straight for the kiddie market. No Justice League The New Frontier doesn’t feature a long haired Joker cackling like an idiot, but worse yet it feels hollow and aimless, an uncomfortable fusion that has enough worthwhile in it to really let you down when it hits true mediocrity. Too much of The New Frontier had been cut out of Justice League The New Frontier and even so the movie feels uncomfortably compressed, a senseless proportion considering that cutting a DVD release really makes no sense. The loss of Flagg’s backstory hurts the worst eliminating any real point to his trajectory or the emergence of the Center, which lacks any real grounding or explanation.

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