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Just When You Thought Apple Couldn’t Get Any More Evil…

Sure you thought Apple was evil before, what with it being a ruthless monopoly, aggressively suing its own fan websites out of business for reporting on its products and running its own cult based around trust fund hoodie wearing morons who don’t understand how to install Linux. But now Apple can lay claim to its own Guantanamo Bay. That’s right, Apple branded Gitmo. I picture it as being white with lots of translucent stuff and bright lighting. You might have known that Apple relies on its own Chinese slave labor corps to make all those iPods and iPhones you love. Well now those fun slave factory folks tortured an employee and might have driven him to suicide, or outright murdered him.

As first reported by ND Daily, the man, Sun Danyong, reportedly had his property seized and was held in solitary confinement after one of 16 prototype iPhones he was responsible for went missing. The man jumped from a 12-story building last week. According to Shanghaiist, the section chief of the Central Security division “may have used ‘inappropriate interrogation methods’ such as searching Sun’s house, holding Sun in solitary confinement and possibly beatings.” In addition, a Foxconn spokesperson reportedly said the incident is an example of the company’s “internal management deficiencies.”

I’m sure the Apple cult will find a way to spin it, or say he deserved it for losing a sacred iPhone prototype, which they would personally stand in line to jump off a building just to get their hands on. But the Apple cult’s local equivalent, a 25 year old college grad and tech employee, was psychologically and physically abused, and committed suicide. I’m sure somewhere Steve Jobs is chuckling while rubbing a white Siamese cat.

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