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Just Because Video Game Violence Wasn’t Controversial Enough

I’m definitely not on the GTA/Mortal Kombat = Murder side of the argument. But at the same time I can’t help but wonder if maybe there are some products that shouldn’t exist and some features that shouldn’t be implemented. Like say the prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto or a vest that uses force feedback to simulate being hit by bullets.

TN Games, makers of “physical experience hardware,” will release a PC vest accessory on Nov. 21 that mimics the feeling of being hit by real bullets when playing first-person shooters. The 3rd Space FPS Vest features eight embedded contact points that are said to simulate the direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person shooter game.

“Our patented vest technology now provides gamers with an unprecedented opportunity to physically experience their action… feel the rush of body slams, be crushed with G-forces, feel a stab wound or be blasted with bullet fire in either a single or multi-player game,” said Mark Ombrellaro, founder of TN Games.

Now as much fun as I know it is to experience being hit by bullets, isn’t this just an open invitation to a certain Colonel and a certain Lawyer named Jack Thompson, who spend all their time claiming that video games make you into born killers.

Another fun question, who’s going to buy a video game accessory that only properly kicks in when you lose?

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