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Julie Amero was the Scapegoat for the District’s Incompetence

The school was running Windows 98 computers whose anti-virus filters were not updated and were not remotely ready for dealing with the reality of the spyware, adware and viruses on the internet. The school district had neglected computer security, but once children were exposed to it, resulting in parental outrage, someone had to become the sacrificial goat to take the blame for the negligence of the school district. That someone would be Julie Amero.

Julie Amero was the perfect patsy. Ignorant of technology, a substitute teacher with no status who could be easily smeared as the “Porn Surfing Teacher.” She was offered a plea bargain that would have destroyed her reputation and preserved the district’s reputation, but gone easy on her judicially. They assumed she would take it and go along with their coverup. They were wrong.

But once that happened they instead made certain to convict her of the charges and they succeeded. But what they didn’t count on was that same internet and its ability to rally critical attention to the sleazy slimy actions of the local corrupt system. That has resulted in the kind of embarrassment usually reserved for when the Mayor turns out to be hiding a Klan robe under his desk. Now the Norwich Bulletin is working the coverup angle and David Smith is facing the reality that higher authorities will intervene in this case and that he will be forever remembered for this dirty prosecution, as well as the town itself.

Read the following blog written by Julie Amero‘s husband. Donations are accepted.

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