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Judge Dredd looks Dreddful Again

judge dredd trailer

At least the Stallone Judge Dredd had its merits. It didn’t look like a B Movie and it made use of some of the Judge Dredd mythology. If they were to make a Judge Dredd movie, why not use use Judge Death and the dead judges for something more blockbustery. Or they could just make a Judge Dredd movie that plays like a lamer version of Robocop. That’s what the trailer for the new Judge Dredd suggests they did. You can’t judge a movie by its trailer… but maybe you can.

Now I’m not sure that you could even film Robocop, for the same reason that you can’t film The Punisher. The bleak tone, satire and judge-dredd-comic-book-movieultraviolence that works on the comic book page can look silly and over the top on the screen. Verhoeven made that kind of thing work with Robocop, he could probably handle Judge Dredd, but it would be redundant. Berg might be able to do it. But this is just lame.

This version. Well the cast looks anywhere from okay to good. Beyond that, there’s nothing interesting. And the movie looks like a B Movie from the late 90’s, complete with generic CG.

Is there any possible reason to have high expectations for this? Karl Urban and Lena Heady are in it. The rest of the cast isn’t bad either. But director Pete Travis’ previous work doesn’t have much to recommend it. The script is from Alex Garland, who wrote 28 Days Later, but also The Beach, Sunshine and a bunch of video games.

So file Judge Dredd under “Coulda Been Good”.

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