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Journeyman has been Cancelled

It was a somewhat promising TV series that never quite connected with audiences, a premise that seemed straight out of the 80’s combined with a style of execution straight out of the 90’s. Somewhat appealing and yet more than a little tedious, Journeyman took some of the worst and best of Highway to Heaven packaged it around pleasant yet entirely uncompelling characters, the result was far from the Must See TV that NBC so badly needed to climb out of last place but in the end the WGA strike helped ensure the termination of Journeyman’s journey so that the show has come to the end of the road. Sadly the next victim is likely to be FOX’s Sarah Connor Chronicles, a TV show with a great pilot and yet a completely hopeless situation thanks to the WGA strike and a WGA member showrunnner. Fans of Journeyman already have a save Journeyman website up, but I don’t see Journeyman becoming a second Jericho.

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