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Joss Whedon Fans Officially Jump the Shark


To wit, this campaign to Save Dollhouse or promote it before the show even aired a single episode. The problem is no one involved has seen a single episode, all we have is a trailer with its odd La Femme Nikita meets Alias vibe. Trying to save a show before it’s endangered is bad enough, trying to save a show before you even know if it’s any good or not, is the real problem and suggests the people doing it are in need of a seriously major reality check.

Hey I’ll be the first to admit that Joss Whedon is a talented guy, that said Dollhouse is not exactly getting me all excited, kudos to those who can feel the buzz, but promoting a show purely based on its creator is the kind of ridiculous fanboy silliness that insures you won’t get taken seriously. If you become a fan of something just because of its creator, rather than on its own merits, you lose all your credibility. And that’s exactly what’s happening here.

No one can seriously deny that Joss Whedon has had his hits and misses. Dollhouse may be another miss, though hopefully it will be a hit. The time to get behind the show will be after the first episode airs and you see it and fall in love with it. Not based on a brief trailer and the mere word that Joss Whedon is bringing another series to air. That would be as silly as jumping on board the now canceled Moonlight because David Greenwalt of Angel was briefly involved or the new 90210 because Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas was behind it. A wait and see attitude is the only sane, credible and intelligent response to a new series. Any new series, no matter its pedigree.

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