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Jericho Dies Another Day

Much as I predicted Jericho was doomed all along and in this case giving in to all the nuts, literal and metaphorical, just meant that its demise was postponed by a bit. For Jericho to survive it needed one of two things, to recover its audience or to dramatically cut costs. Neither one was likely to happen.

CBS has always been the heartland network and an unspoken part of Jericho’s viewer falloff came when the show switched from a foreign enemy to the insane plot of Americans nuking their own cities to take over. It just wasn’t a plot twist that played too well and it killed the loyalty of those viewers who weren’t sitting around waiting to vote Ralph Nader or Ron Paul.

But of course that wasn’t all of it. Soap operas that go on break, also break up the addiction of viewers. That hurt 24, it hurt Lost and it hurt Jericho. Unlike 24 and Lost, the death blow came much earlier for Jericho because the show was much less successful at maintaining that suspense, it lacked the ability to really invest viewers in specific characters like Jack Bauer or John Locke. And it alienated just enough of its core audience with the enemy at home story to kick its last legs out from under it.

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