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Jeph Loeb Fired From Heroes

Considering the kind of work that Jeph Loeb has done, NBC firing him from Heroes is certainly a shame. But at the same time it’s not the wacko move that many critics would have you believe. Jeph Loeb came on board Heroes and he’s stayed as executive producer on a series that is flailing badly and in serious trouble and has no idea where to go except to an out of date Gitmo storyline. Loeb carries and has to carry plenty of responsibility for that. I like Jeph Loeb’s work in general, even his Smallville work, but there’s no denying that Heroes has cracked up and NBC is rushing to figure out how to fix it. It’s not possible to dismiss Loeb’s part in the problem. He hasn’t been some sort of consultant or a downtrodden guy who comes to work and has his material rewritten by the big bad bosses. He is a part of the problem and it’s clear that it is a serious problem. Heroes has gone from iconic to annoying and when you’re being upstaged for geek cred by the likes of Chuck, you know that things are really bad.

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