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Jellyfish by David Gerrold and Mike Resnick – Just Plain Pathetic

You know I take a lot of shots at writers, SciFi and otherwise on this blog and elsewhere. I’ve never done that to Philip K. Dick for a reason. Really three reasons.

1. Philip K. Dick really did suffer from severe problems, mental and otherwise, that made him more an object of pity than anything else.

2. Philip K. Dick, unlike a lot of the writers I do take shots at genuinely was a great artists. He may not often have been sane. His stories may not seem linear, but unlike a lot of the detritus that the New Wave washed up on the shores of Science Fiction, he was the genuine article.

By comparison the same anthology of Solaris that contained Jellyfish by David Gerrold and Mike Resnick, contained a terrible rambling bit of mythical posturing by Brian Aldiss that can’t even properly be called a story– Four Ladies or something equally silly.

Top that off with the simple fact that David Gerrold and Mike Resnick can’t even properly identify Philip K. Dick’s style. Their parody of him is written in a style distinctly that of Kurt Vonnegut. The jellyfish story at the center of the story along with the Frelching is distinctly Vonnegut. It’s precisely that kind of didactic tediously nitpicking style Vonnegut used in books like Breakfast of Champions. It was not PKDick’s style.

Additionally David Gerrold taking shots at Robert Heinlein is particularly pathetic since David Gerrold made his whole career plagiarizing Heinlein, one book after another. The Man Who Folded Himself, The Trouble with Tribbles, The Chtorr War.

Mike Resnick is one of the most overrated writers working in the field today after maybe Ian Watson or Ted Chiang. Including the two of them on their imaginary version of Philip K. Dick– Fillion K. Dilk’s enemies list is particularly even more pathetic. In no ranking of SF writers, would either of them merit the least bit of mention. Jellyfish is a series of potshots at writers, many dead, who wouldn’t have even bothered to sneeze at them.

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  • Eugene January 5, 2008 at 8:11 am

    Wow, who peed in your cornflakes the morning you wrote that post?

    I just finished reading Jellyfish and nearly laughed my head off. It’s only a silly story, lighten up!

    Of course the writers were taking potshots at everyone (including themselves), not only Philip K. Dick, and of course the character is a pastiche partly made up of Kurt Vonnegut (and Burroughs, and Dick…). That was a conscious decision the authors made!

    May I suggest the good offices of Dr. Benway for surgical implantation of a funnybone?

  • O_Deus January 5, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    May I suggest the good offices of Dr. Douche-B-Gon for a little genetic engineering on that “Don’t Be An Asshole” gene?

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