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Jason Katims Replaces Glen Morgan on Bionic Woman

The Bionic Woman shakedown and shake off continues as Glen Morgan’s departure leaves former Hercules producer and current Battlestar Galactica producer, David Eick ruling the roost. Glen Morgan was an X-Files vet with some very interesting projects under his belt from Space Above and Beyond to Harsh Realm. Right now he’s been replaced with Jason Katims, whose genre work was basically limited to being the executive producer of Roswell.

Looking over the rest of Jason Katims bio, after all he’s currently on Friday Night Lights, gives you the distinct impression that what this is about, is jettisoning the more genre material that Glen Morgan would bring to the table and keeping the focus on Bionic Woman as a soap. Certainly that’s why you’d want Jason Katims, whose genre experience was on a teen soap involving aliens and whose current work is on a teen soap involving football.

Fun or not so fun factoid, Ron Moore served as the executive producer on Roswell’s second season before he found a job with more dignity. David Eick is the producer on Battlestar Galactica, Ron Moore’s current show. Jason Katims originally brought Ron Moore onto Roswell. Fun or not so fun? You decide.

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