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It Took 2 Years to Cancel Dollhouse

It took long enough for the show that never should have existed to become the show that no longer exists. FOX canceled Dollhouse after renewing it to escape the wrath of the fans. It might have been kinder to let Epitaph One be its epitaph, because Joss Whedon’s rabid fanbase certainly won’t be pleased by another 13 episodes, even when it comes at a cost of the entire year’s budget for some companies. Naturally they’ll complain that FOX was abusing Joss Whedon, when this time out it let him air and drag out a really bad show for 2 years, instead of giving it a mercy killing from the start. It’s not that Dollhouse is a bad show. Bad is fixable. It’s that Dollhouse is a series whose premise never made any sense and had no reason to exist, except to serve as Eliza Dushku’s employment agency. FOX knew from the start that the show was bad, and tried to have Joss Whedon fix it before it even aired. Joss Whedon knew it was bad enough that he was actually apologetic about FOX’s moves from the start. The question is why everyone involved just kept riding the train to nowhere for 2 years?

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