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Is the negativity directed at Nemesis and Enterprise completely out of proportion ?

Anyone here who reads my posts on a regular basis knows that I’m
certainly not Berman’s biggest cheerleader, my enthusiasm for
Enterprise has been lukewarm at best and I hadn’t even bothered
reading the spoilers for Nemesis before going to see it; still at the
same time while both Enterprise and Nemesis have their flaws, the
amount of negativity being directed at both seems completely out of

Yes Enterprise is dropping in the ratings and Nemesis has bombed at
the box office, but the extent to which these are creative failures is
arguable at best. Firefly which most here seem to consider a great TV
SciFi series scored lower ratings than Enterprise before it was
cancelled. And anyone can list any number of great SF films that
bombed at the box office even worse than Nemesis did. So it might be
overly simplistic to equate commercial with creative failure.

Many people seemed initially enthusiastic about Nemesis and
Enterprise, equally out of proportion to their potential, and when
these projects failed to live up to their high expectations have gone
completely in reverse attacking them viciously. It might have been
better if they’d held more balanced and realistic expectations of

Certainly it was unrealistic to expect Enterprise to achieve in its
first or second season what neither TNG nor DS9 had achieved in its
own initial seasons. For all the disappointment some may be
experiencing towards Enterprise, it’s important to remember that by
Star Trek standards Enterprise has barely gotten started and it’s
doing better than TNG was doing at this same point in its development.

Nemesis was an overly ambitious project that succeeded beyond any of
the previous TNG films but at the same time was hobbled by its
overeagerness to imitiate prior Star Trek films and a scope that was
difficult to bring to the screen within a realistic running time.
Releasing it five days before Two Towers was of course the equivalent
of Paramount killing the movie before it was even released.

At this point what any of us should have learned is that no individual
project is likely to save Star Trek. You can take them as they come
and remember that as flawed as modern Star Trek is, it’s still better
than 90 percent of the TV shows and movies out there.

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