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Is Microsoft on the Way Down?

The fall of Bill Gates from the spot of richest man in the world may not be particularly significant in and of itself, but it’s another road sign for Microsoft. From the failure of Vista to become the next OS step to Microsoft being forced to lower itself to the indignity of giving away prizes to get users to try its Live Workshares hub, that’s basically useless to its floundering bid for Yahoo and the self-destruction of HD-DVD, a mess that is increasingly being blamed on Microsoft for not including those HD-DVD drives with the XBox 360, instead of Redmond hedging its bets and now forced to sell off those 250 dollar drives for 50 to 40 bucks a piece, the road signs are all pointing down. Microsoft still has some monopolies but the internet is beginning to take a major chunk out of them as Microsoft begins to look like AOL, floundering about desperately to matter in a market it no longer controls. Trying to prey on Yahoo is the surest sign of a clueless technopredator out of touch with reality and without any real plans left.

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