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Is Microsoft Dead Yet?

In the wake of that infamous Information Week article, let’s take a rational look at the situation. It’s trendy to declare Microsoft dead, but the Beast from Redmond isn’t there yet. Or anywhere near it.

Yes Microsoft has failed to gain on the mobile front, but it has the PC locked down and it has the entire XBox platform, which is slowly starting to look like the winner in the hard core gaming demographic. Microsoft failed to take down the iPhone when it had the chance, and Android is becoming the one to beat, but counting Microsoft out is stupid. The Windows 7 phone probably won’t be a game changer, but Microsoft has the money and the resources to stay in the game. And it can survive without the mobile marketplace.

On the computer, Windows 7 has been a big winner and Office is still going strong, despite open source competition like Open Office. It is fumbling the browser battle badly, but it’s not clear what Microsoft ever gained from having a dominant browser share. The big money is in search, and while Microsoft can’t win there either, it’s sitting comfortably in the Number 2 spot. Bing is still a money hole, but being number 2 means waiting around for Google to fail. And that’s not an impossibility.

Microsoft is number 1 in the PC and soon to be in the console. And it has the resources to be number 2 in search and mobile technologies. Which means it’s a little too early to count out Redmond just yet.

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