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Is it time for NBC to dump Silverman?

It didn’t take a lot of foresight to predict that shoving Ben Silverman into the big chair was a bad idea, at least on the grounds of inexperience. But NBC like a lot of the networks was seeing the same big problem, rising demographics combined with shrinking ratings, when they wanted it the other way around. And Silverman was young and had seemingly proven that he could still produce hits in a time when nothing was working. Emphasis on the seeming. Putting Ben Silverman in charge yielded no hits, no more Offices or even Ugly Betty’s. instead it yielded a string of failures. From reviving classic shows on a low budget with bad casts and all around mediocrity as NBC did with Knight Rider and Bionic Woman, to absurd and unlikable imports such as Kath and Kim, and NBC is now even more in the toilet than it was under Kevin Reilly, when NBC was flailing, but not out. And say what you will about FOX, their TV schedule for 2008 looks better than NBC’s. Which suggests Kevin Reilly should come back and Ben Silverman should go back.

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